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Combustion technology for all segments of glass production (EN) Advertising brochure 1431kB 04.19 02.05.2022
EAC Zertifikat BIO/ZIO, BIC/ZIC, BIC..L, ThermJet(TJ),BBG/BBC,ExtensoHeat,Furnnox,Kinemax,WHI,WHG,NMC,RKG,SVG,JAG,BIC..R,Oxytherm 300,WRC,WRO,Thermair,Ratioair,Incini-Cone,Megafire HD, Optima, Vortometric (RU) Certificate 262kB 00 24.09.2020
EAC Zertifikat Linien- und Kanalbrenner für die LufterwärmungOxy-Therm FHR, Megafire HD, Multifire, Ovenpak 5xx, Oxytherm LE (RU) Certificate 227kB 00 22.09.2020
EAC Zertifikat Primefire 100, 300 und 400, Primefire Forehearth, Brightfire 200, WGD, 04V, OxyTherm Titan, OxyTherm 300, Oxytherm LE (RU) Certificate 311kB 00 24.09.2020
Efficiency, emissions, quality and flexibility (EN) Technical report 1610kB 11.19 20.11.2019
Glass Furnace Questionnaire (EN) Worksheet 131kB 08.18 24.08.2018