03 Valves and butterfly valves
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Belarus Certificate (GB) Certificate 2846kB 01.13 18.01.2013
Disclosure Table (China RoHS2) (D, GB) Certificate 57kB 01 30.06.2016
EAC Declaration Declaration IC20, IC40, GT50, MB7 (RUS) Certificate 360kB 00 08.04.2019
EAC Declaration Low voltage for valves (RUS) Certificate 2970kB 00 02.04.2019
EAC Declaration Regler und Gasklappen (RUS) Certificate 330kB 00 02.04.2019
EAC Declaration Stellglieder (RUS) Certificate 452kB 00 02.04.2019
EAC Declaration Ventile und Absperrhähne (RUS) Certificate 604kB 00 02.04.2019
Valves and butterfly valves (GB) Product Brochure 2941kB 06.15L 21.06.2016
Valves and butterfly valves; 阀门及蝶阀 (CN) Product Brochure 1685kB 06.15L 26.10.2016
Vannes et clapets (F) Product Brochure 2943kB 06.15L 21.06.2016
Ventile und Klappen (D) Product Brochure 2948kB 06.15L 21.06.2016
Zawory i przepustnice (PL) Product Brochure 2950kB 06.15L 21.06.2016